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Supervision during loading and discharge in vessels has as main objective to ensure the correct and safest handling of the goods throughout the process. In this way, we try to avoid over costs paid for faults due to an incorrect merchandise handling.

We supervise loading and unloading operations of all kind of goods (solid and liquid bulk, perishable, refrigerated, frozen goods and all kind of cargo, such as steel products, coils, grains,…)

During loading and unloading supervision, we attend the process at different points depending on the needs or requirements of the client and the kind of goods:

    • Quality control and tracking of merchandise stored in vessels and terminals
    • Vessel reception and visual inspection previous discharge:
      • Time log
      • Sealing control
      • Visual inspection of holds
    • Verification of the merchandise through the regulatory documentation
    • Supervision of loading and unloading operations
    • Counting by packages during loading or discharge and weight control (trucks, draft, …)
    • Real-time information on incidents
    • Certification for merchandise loaded or discharged
    • Detailed report with the operations’ information
    • Photographic report

With our extensive experience in all aspects of commercial inspection, equipment inspection, heavy loads and merchandise lashing we represent your interests in warehouses, ports and terminals.