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In statistical terms, it is known as sampling the technique for the selection of a sample from a statistical population. In our field, we speak of a “population” as a set of individuals from a certain product or merchandise.

This process allows saving resources and, at the same time, obtaining representative results of the entire population.

The extraction of representative samples in the import and export operations of merchandise is of particular importance in any of the marketing stages, influencing the results of quality analysis and the liquidation of the product delivered.

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Among the services of sampling and goods inspection in storage are:

  • Verification of the merchandise through the regulatory documentation:
    • Quantity control (no packages)
    • Labeling (product, origin, lot number, dimensions, etc.)
    • Packaging and brands
  • Visual inspection of the merchandise and state and conditions of warehouse according to agro-food regulations
  • Sampling based on AQL procedure or customer requirements (GAFTA / FOSFA)
  • Preparation of a representative sample of the lot
  • Sealing and labelling subsamples for later distribution, keeping the samples in custody available to the client
  • Detailed report of visual merchandise inspection and elaborated samples

ISAS has great professionals to obtain or take samples in warehouses, trucks, tanks, land tanks and ship holds for all kinds of merchandise (liquid, solid, bulk products, etc.). We rely on the general principles for obtaining samples established by the European Commission Taxation and Customs Union, see below: 248 248