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During inspection, we supervise loading and unloading operations of all kind of merchandise in containers, including quantity control (counting of packages / units) and verifying that the quality match shipping documents.

The services of supervision, inspection and sampling of products during the loading / unloading of container includes:

    • Merchandise reception for loading / unloading (warehouses or terminals)
    • Container reception and visual inspection before loading / unloading
    • Verification of merchandise through the regulatory documentation
    • Supervision of loading / unloading operations
    • Real-time information on incidents
    • Scale weight control and container sealing
    • Sampling previous to loading, during loading or discharge, or at the end of the discharge:
      • Traditional sampling according to product regulations or customer requirementso
      • Sealing, distribution and traceability management of samples
      • Custody samples available to the client
    • Certification of boarding list and issuance of certificates
    • Report with detailed information on the operation
    • Photographic report

We offer help to identify possible defects as soon as possible. Avoid possible costs due to interruptions in the production or supply of products. Reduce withdrawal risk of market’s products. Avoid problems that can damage the benefits, as well as the integrity of brands in the short and long term.