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The “Gas Free” Certification services are born due to the danger and the need to minimize risks in confined spaces in order to know the atmospheric conditions of these spaces and expedite the performance of the corresponding work parts, either for routine tasks, such as cleaning or for repairs or hot or cold work on boats.

• Hot work: it is any operation that involves fire or heat, that is capable of igniting an explosive mixture or generating gases above the admissible limits. Hot work will also be considered: drilling, polishing and similar operations that will produce sparks or heat.

• Cold work: it is any operation, repair or modification that does not produce heat, fire or operations that produce sparks and when tools and equipment that ensure the absence of sparks are used.

Therefore, the “Gas Free” Certificate is the document issued by a competent technician in occupational risk prevention, which certifies that the work space is free of gases after its measurement with approved, calibrated and certified equipment.

– Bulk cargo ship unloading operations:
Prior to unloading, the measurement of gases that are harmful or dangerous to health is carried out when the warehouses are opened. The most common jobs are carried out on ships that transport cereals, fertilizers (urea) and hydrocarbons.

– Ship repair operations:
Prior to carrying out hot work, welding or electrical work, the gas-free for explosive and flammable gases is determined.

– Cleaning operations in confined spaces:
Prior to carrying out cleaning work in holds and ship tanks and land tanks, the gas-free is determined for explosive gases and harmful gases, such as Carbon Monoxide or the absence of Oxygen.

GAS FREE CERTIFICATE: It is that work space that is degassed (gas concentration below 0% of the L.I.I. for hot work and 15% of the L.I.I. for cold work) and healthy (non-flammable, non-asphyxiant and non-toxic).

We are currently the only company authorized by the Valencia Port Authority (APV) to issue Gas Free Certificates in the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía: